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The Linguists

(70 minutes) Bolivia/India/Russia/USA
Directors/Producers: Daniel Miller, Jeremy Newberger, Seth Kramer

Half the world's languages are on the verge of extinction. Who will record them before they're gone? David and Greg are scientists racing to document languages on the verge of extinction. In Siberia, India and Bolivia, The Linguists confront head-on the very forces silencing languages: institutionalized racism and violent economic unrest. Their journey takes them deep into the heart of the cultures, knowledge and communities at stake. The enthusiasm of these linguistic detectives is nothing less than contagious. Both funny and enlightening, the film is an amazing cultural journey to some of the most obscure linguistic niches of our planet.

Daniel A. Miller has been producing, writing, and directing award-winning documentaries for more than a decade. He produced and wrote America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero, which investigates the engineering, business, and politics of reconstruction at the WTC site, narrated by Kevin Spacey. He also produced and wrote Bridging New York, about the eleven major spans that connect New York City and Electric Nation, about how electricity spread throughout the country. Daniel was nominated for an Emmy Award for The Trial of Adolf Eichmann. He also associate produced the Academy Award-nominated An Essay on Matisse. Daniel co-founded Ironbound Films in 2003.

Jeremy S. Newberger is co-creator, executive producer, and writer of The Fantastic Two, a serial Web comedy starring William "The Refrigerator" Perry. Jeremy innovated some of the Web's first episodic content, transforming the "webisode"-the hybrid of episodic TV and video Web stream-into an indispensable business tool. Formerly executive producer for The FeedRoom, Jeremy created and managed a multimillion-dollar production division, creating hours of webisode programming for Fortune 500 companies like Cisco Systems, Ford Motor Company, Sun Microsystems and others. Jeremy became CEO of Ironbound Films in 2004.

Seth Kramer has been producing, writing and directing award-winning documentaries for more than a decade. In 2003, Seth was nominated for an Emmy Award for Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans. Seth produced and wrote America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero and America Rebuilds II: Return to Ground Zero. He co-produced A Tale of Two Rivers for the Great Projects series and Adolf Eichmann: Hitler's Master of Death. Seth produced and directed Untitled, which explores the magnitude of the Holocaust. Seth co-founded Ironbound Films in 2003.

Contact Information:
Daniel Miller
Ironbound Films, Inc
PO Box 441
Garrison NY, 1052
Web site:
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